A New Card Experience

Make QR transactions with FUPS QR Card without the need for a physical or virtual card.

Fast Create your card instantly on the FUPS app and start using it.
Easy Start shopping effortlessly using your phone without carrying a card.
TR QR Code Make payments at all physical payment points compatible with the TR QR Code.

What can you do with the FUPS QR Card?

Pay with QR

Pay easily by scanning the QR code on POS devices. If you need it, cancel your payment with QR once again or do the refund process.

Withdraw Money with QR

Withdraw money effortlessly from ATMs by scanning the QR code.

Link to the Account You Want

Link your FUPS QR Card to your FUPS account, and change the account to which it's linked at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions About the FUPS QR Card

In the following sections we have compiled questions and answers about the FUPS QR Card. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, you can send it to us on [email protected] email address.

The FUPS Virtual Card is a FUPS-specific card that you can use for QR payment and withdrawal transactions. You don't need an additional physical or virtual card to use QR payments with the FUPS QR Card.

Select the QR Card in the "New Card" section of the "Transactions" menu in the FUPS application and tap the "Create" button. Your FUPS QR Card is ready.

For the business you wish to pay, indicate that you wish to pay using QR. Scan the QR code on the POS device, check the payment information and select the account to pay. That's it.

In the FUPS application, tap the "Withdraw money with QR" button, select the account from which you want to withdraw money and specify the amount, tap the "Next" button, scan the QR on the ATM and complete the transaction.


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