Two passwords instead of two cards

By activating the Twin Account feature, you can use a different account with a different password that you will set on your card.

Easy You can use a different account by simply changing the password without changing it in the application.
Select at the time of transaction Select from which account you want to spend your money at the time of the transaction.
Management You can track your budget by creating different accounts and set limits for yourself.

Changing accounts is effortless

Set up a second account to your card easily

Activating the Twin Account on your card page is enough. All you have to do is select the second account you want to use and set the password.

Check your budget

You may be managing your food spending or grocery shopping through a different account. You can change your account through the app, but we make it easy to change your account with a Twin Account.

Standard card transaction

There are no complicated processes like making a different selection on the POS device or pre-approving it in the app. Simply change the password you entered, and we'll make a transaction on the account you selected.


Frequently Asked Questions about Twin Account

In the following sections we have compiled questions and answers about the Twin Account. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, you can send it to us [email protected] email address.

It's a special solution for using two accounts with one card. This feature allows you to link a second account to your card, in addition to the account you have linked to it. We ask you to create a second password for your card during this setup process. When you use your card with this password, you will be able to make transactions through the account you have set up with the twin account.

Yes. To disable the twin account feature, click the twin account field on the my cards screen and select remove twin account.

Yes. You can set a new password by clicking the twin account field on my cards screen and selecting the change password option to change the twin account password.

Yes. To change the account you have linked as a twin account, click on the twin account field on the my cards screen and click on the twin account field at the top. On the screen that opens, the list of all accounts that can be linked will be displayed in the listing area with balance information. You can select the account you want by clicking on the list field.


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