Create your FUPS account in seconds,

Manage your money safely with FUPS!

Manage your budget with FUPS, make your payments, send/receive money, divide the account in advance, and decide who will spend how much money!

Create your FUPS QR Card on the app instantly,

Pay without carrying a card, withdraw money!

Create your FUPS QR Card for free, and use it on all physical POS devices and ATMs compatible with TR QR Code!


Manage Your Money with FUPS

  • Social Account Set a spending limit, keep your money if you don't spend it!
  • Free Accounts Create up to 10 accounts for your different needs, link your card to any account you want!
  • Twin Account Use two accounts on one card with two passwords!
  • Send/Receive Money Send and request money 24/7 by selecting someone from your contact list!
  • Chat Transact by texting!
  • Request Money with a Link Request money by sending a link to people who don't use FUPS!
  • Points of Sale Get your FUPS card from Carrefour easily!
  • Bank Transfer Transfer money to contracted bank accounts 24/7!
  • Pay the Bills Pay your bills through the app easily!
  • Split Payment Split the check easily with whoever you want after spending!
  • Split Payment without Expense Add participants before spending, pay jointly with all participants during payment
  • Withdraw Money from ATM Withdraw money from any ATM you want!
  • Try the Smart Virtual Card Experience the smart features of the FUPS virtual card!
  • FUPS QR Card Create instantly, start using on POS devices!
  • Increase Limit Get Premium with FUPS using your ID card.
  • Track your refunds See your refunds with notifications, and track them easily.
  • Manage your budget Create an account, set limits, and manage your budget based on your spending type
  • Load money easily Load money with credit debit/card transfer, EFT or ATM!
  • Subscribe Securely Manage your subscription payments the way you want!
  • Check your FUPS Card Manage FUPS Card features directly in the application!

Pay with FUPS,
Earn with FUPS.

Personalized FUPS Card Campaign
Your personalized FUPS Card fee will be refunded to your account with your first transaction! Order a personalized FUPS card through the mobile app or website, and the card fee will be refunded to your account with your first transaction!
Instant Cashback for Netflix Subscription Payments!
Instant Cashback for Netflix Subscription Payments! Pay your Netflix subscription with FUPS Card and get 19 TL cashback on your subscription payment instantly.

Time is money.
Manage both

You can have a personalized card with your name sent to your address through the app or website. You can also have a FUPS card from the points of sale.


Contactless payments are fast and secure

You can pay quickly, securely and hygienically with the contactless feature of your card.


Single card, two accounts with Twin Account

You can link the second account to your card. You can create a second PIN and use it at the time of spending.


You can also purchase the FUPS Card at the points of sale.

You can also purchase the FUPS Card at the points of sale.


Get an app
that can do more

Use FUPS by texting!

Securely text, send/receive money, use Social Account and Split Payment features and request money with a contact or group.

A Brand New Experience

Make your transactions by texting with a person or group.


Start a transaction via Chat without having to select a contact.


Make 4 types of transactions, follow your transactions on Chat.

These Features are Exclusive to FUPS

Say hello to the exclusive features available only on FUPS!

Social Account

Set a joint spending limit for the people you want, and keep your money if they don't spend it!

Split Payment

Pay jointly as you wish! Split the check after spending, split it before spending!


Chat securely with a friend or group of friends through the app, send/receive money, set up a Social Account or Split Payment and request money!

Smart Virtual Card

Your regular payments with FUPS Virtual Card are safe! Withdraw money from your card any day, in the amount you want with special limits you set on your virtual card!


Download FUPS, manage your budget from your pocket with FUPS

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